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Retreats & Workshops

This is a space that brings me a lot of joy! Here, we join together, creating safe containers for sharing wisdom and clearing the way.

Om Shanti - Peace
Welcome in summer's fire
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Sunday 21 July 2024 | 1 - 5pm | Beechwood Club, Beechwood Road, Fishponds BS16 3TP

Sliding scale £30-40

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Bring focus to your relationship with your inner fire and power to change ❤️‍🔥

Within the body, fire ("agni" in Sanskrit) can be recognised as the vital force: that which activates, drives and transforms us. It is not separate from the fire of the sun that gives energy to and moves the earth. Together, we come to recognise ourselves in summer's great play of light, warmth, energy and transformation!

In the herbal work, qualified medical herbalist Helen White will share how fire energy manifests in the summer plants, and how we can work with this energy for improved health and healing. We will take a deep dive into both the medicinal and esoteric uses of these wonderful summer medicinals. Helen will touch on an ancient, fundamental principal of herbal treatment: healing by opposite or similar action, termed ‘cure by antipathy or sympathy’ by Nicholas Culpeper.

We continue to bring environment into body with a yoga practice for all levels. In movement, we celebrate summer’s fire and capacity of transformation that opens us to new possibilities. We'll play with elemental mantra, asana and contemplative meditation, recognising our inner fire as our expression of will, power to transform, and shared vibrancy.

To close, we will hold a safe fire ceremony to welcome in transformation. I believe that rituals of this kind are a human need: an act of shared witnessing, they imbue our desires and paths with meaning.

Join us on 21 July to:

🔥Learn tangible herbalism skills to use with a wide variety of plants

🔥Make your own healing plant-based tools to take home

🔥Understand local summer plants and our connection to them

🔥Nourish your body with opening and strengthening yogasana

🔥Connect with your inner fire and power to transform

Learn more and book your place:

Gather in sacred presence
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Recognising strength in vulnerability and nurturing our gifts through regular women's circles

Contribution: herbal teas, food offerings or a monetary donation

Next circle:

Sunday 4 August | 5-7pm | Avonvale Road, BS5 (full address given on booking):

Gather in circle with those born in female bodies and the stories they carry.

Spreading mostly by word of mouth, we've gathered a couple of times and are delighted that a strong community is forming! We get together roughly monthly, with the next date agreed at each circle.


The general structure is a landing together with tea, a check-in and short meditation, connecting in partner work and welcoming any gifts brought by the circle, before moving into time for each person to share with the option to receive reflections from the group. We often close with a collective voice bath, and food and tea contributed by all of us.

We aim to welcome diverse identities within those who were born in female bodies. We check pronouns at the beginning of each circle, and welcome feedback for continuing a sensitively held space.


You are welcome to come as you are, and are encouraged (with no pressure here) to bring your gifts – be they song, movement, pair or group work.

As we open the circle more widely, monetary donations are welcome to sustain the energy needed to organise gatherings.

Reach out to me to learn more or be added to the WhatsApp group. Hope to see you at the next one!

Book online for the circle on 4 August:

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