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Private Classes & Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

There are currently two ways we can work together 1:1.

The "yang": private yoga classes are an opportunity to engage actively with your practice and development.

The "yin": Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, while energising, is a way for your system to receive nourishment.

I'm delighted to offer 10% off your first session - just let me know when you book.

You're also very welcome to gift my 1-1 sessions to a loved one: contact me (details below) to arrange a digital card at the value of your choice.

Om Shanti - Peace

Private Yoga Classes

Deepen your practice with compassionate, non-judgmental support.

Booking a 1:1 yoga class can:
- Help you develop a self-practice that's safe and even joyful
- Allow you to explore a specific aspect of your practice more deeply, or try a new part of the practice (mantra, breathwork, meditation...)
- Tailor your practice to support other activities in your life
- Give space to specific places in your physical / energetic / emotional experience, and welcome them as key to your unfolding

Prices: £50 for 1 hour 15 minutes | Concession/low income £44

Save 10% each time you book a block of 4, valid for 12 months

Locations: Your home in Bristol, or at Fresh Dance & Arts Centre, Greenbank BS5 6EY

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

A floor-based deep tissue massage, similar to Thai massage but using oil alongside a soothing Ayurvedic herb, Calamus.


With coordinated breathing and assisted movement inspired by yogasana, AYM works with the whole system to relieve physical tension and stress, realign the body, and nourish you to reconnect with your life force. The massage nourishes your skin, and helps balance the nervous system and endocrine system, leaving you gently energised.


Prices: £55 for 60 minutes | £75 for 90 minutes (recommended full treatment)

Locations: Your home in Bristol, or at Fresh Dance & Arts Centre, Greenbank BS5 6EY


Reach out to book

Contact me for a conversation about what you need from your yoga practice and/or massage.


Phone/WhatsApp/Signal 07983 214 768

Call your spirit back from all the places it has wandered,

invite your fragments to unite

and watch them shine

in a sacred council of renewal

in your own front garden.

 - Molly Remer

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